'Black Dog Lives Matter!'

'Welcome To, 'Black Dog Lives Matter'

Terry Mace has lived with the most severe, life threatening, 'Existential Depression' since he was born!  Therefore, he knows only too well, exactly how this form of depression can destroy, debilitate and decay another human's life, mind and body.  Initially, he was diagnosed as a child with the most severe diagnosis available in the 60's of, 'Chronic Depression' which is still used today.  Basically, suicidal each day.  Later on, in his late forties and early fifties, Professor, Terry Mace realised that his depression was not, chronic but rather, existential.  This, has helped him to slowly rebuild and recover his life to date with of course, many, many periods of, 'Black Dog Days'.  Having started his early life within the arts, he decided to return back to his creative and artistic roots, to help him to heal, recover and rebuild his remaining life as it currently stands.


Before he dies, he would really like to assist other, 'Black Dog Creatives' to do the same.  Therefore, he has decided to try to help, even, just a little!  This page, 'Black Dog Lives Matter' has been created to give other, 'Black Dog Creatives' a, 'Creative Submission' platform from which to express themselves, artistically, musically and literally.  In fact, any and every form of creativity is encouraged.  'Surprise Us!'  Nothing, is off limits or taboo!  How it works is simple or, absurd depending on your frame of mind.  Here's the basics.  1.  Create or select an existing creation for submission.  2.  Submit by email (We use, 'WeTransfer' for large files!)  3.  Wait for, Terry Mace's response email to confirm your submission and proposed release date for placement within, 'The Black Dog Creatives' section!  If you'd sooner send copies of your creative work by post, you'll find,


'The Black Dog Sound Machine Laboratory's' Address HERE!


All creativity is openly welcomed and considered, nothing is off limits or taboo if you call it art, that's good enough for us!  Submit your work below if interested!  Response time varies with mood!

'To Assist, Support, Help & Educate, These Video's Below Might Be Good To Watch!'

'The Traditional Viewpoint Of, Normal Depression!  Good, But Not Quite Good Enough!'

'The Existential Viewpoint Of Depression!  This Is Professor, Terry Mace's Own Viewpoint!'

'This Page Will Be Updated With More Informative, Black Dog Video's Soon!'

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Terry Mace Will Be Updating This Page With His Own Work With,

'The Black Dog' As Soon As Possible So Please Return!