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Professor, Terry Mace is, 58 years of age as of, March the 23rd, 2020.  He hopes to make it to, March the 23rd, 2021 when he will then be, 59, and, the year after that, when he'll be, 60!  You get the picture.  However, as he's currently dying, all bets are off!  Unless, you represent, 'The Devil' and would like to strike a deal for, Terry Mace's mortal soul!  And so, until the devil or, god or some other entity turns up with a better offer, 'Moment By Moment' is, his moment by moment watch word.  The Proff lives with his truly extraordinary partner, 'Christine', plus, a, 'Very High Quality Sex Doll' in the North East of Scotland.  (photos of dolly by request)  He has two daughters, 'Emily and Hanna'.  He is a, brother, uncle, father and grandfather.  The Proff has created, designed and conceptualised into existence, this website, as, an experiment in simplicity and absurdity!  As much of, Terry Mace's existence to date has been expressed within these two dualistic terms, it seemed only natural, to conduct some experiments to test out his current theories and hypothesis.  Equally, the totality of this website can be seen as both, Terry Mace's, 'Magnum Opus' before he dies as well as his, 'Official & Authorised, 'Autobiography'.  Professor, Terry Mace has also written a, 'Cook Book'!
He wordsmiths for the, 'Radical Publication', 'The Black Dog Digital Magazine', an online digital, 'Flip Book' publication as well as authoring, co-authoring and publishing his own and other, 'Black Dog Creatives' works via, 'Black Dog Publishing & Media' and all the other, various little, 'Black Dog Puppies' listed in this websites, 'Copyright' notice in the, 'Footer' below.  For many years, before his life threatening critical illnesses, and his subsequent very, very, early retirement at 55, after several heart attacks, a mini stroke and a diagnosis of, Type 2 Diabetes, The Proff worked as a highly skilled, trained and registered, Ph.D. level qualified, 'Integrative Psychoanalyst', Behavioural Eco-Psychologist, Shamanic Counsellor, Therapist and Healer, Executive Life & Business Coach and a, Community Mediator and, Hostage & Conflict Resolution Negotiator.  He had a, 'Biblical Shamanic Vision' during a lightening storm in 2004 during which he 'literally' saw, 'A Burning Bush!'  He heard a, 'Medicine' name, 'Standing Feather Talking Bear' being called out through the lightening storm and decided it must be for him!  Terry Mace stood in that new shamanic visioning construction for some years and took the role of 'Community Shaman' in his then, Welsh community!
'Creative Cuisine' With, Professor, Terry Mace - The Black Dog Sound Machine
He once taught internationally, 'A Course In Miracles' until his trust in teaching 'The Course' and, what he had so foolishly considered and believed to be, 'The Truth', was totally shattered and destroyed by the uncovering and discovery of, 'The Original' urtext of the manuscript!  Sadly it was not before others had started to, 'Make Millions' from the work.  Here's the summary of, 'The Court Case'.  However, long before, 'The Drama' unfolded, as a direct result of his charisma, understanding and unique presentation of, 'His Course In Miracles' Terry, was sadly for, 'A Time' living, breathing, sleeping and, 'Acting Out, the plasticated fabricated life of a,
'Plastic Guru' with devotees, followers and was stupidly considered by many to be, a, Messiah.'
His subsequent inner work of, 'Spiritual Bypassing' from, 2004 until the end of, 2016 just before his first, 'Heart Attack' in January 2017 as a, self constructed, self imagined, 'Medicine Man' called, 'Standing Feather Talking Bear' and as a totally surreal, 'Rainbow Zen Shaman' is quite simply some of his most insanely, absurd and inspiring creative and self-therapeutic work that he's currently done to date!  'Until Now!'  Because, 'The Birth' of, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine' and it's, 'Oh So Cute Black Dog Puppies', spawned from the abyss, changes everything!  It is 'Quite Simply' and absurdly, just, the start and beginning of his new, 'Re-emergence', 'Reinvention' and, 'Reimagining' of himself, heroically, 'Back Into The World'.  And, after a several year self imposed emotional hiatus, restricted hermitage, isolation and seclusion based 'Self Existence' while, he recovered and re-built his finite life into, 2021, 'It's About Fucking Time!'  This 'New' project is clearly to date the most simple and absurd without question.  And, you just might get access to that, 'Crazy Wild Shamanic Shit' when, he just, 'Wakes Up One Morning' and doesn't give a god damn anymore and thinks it's worth, 'One Last laugh' out loud as he slowly drifts away into, 'The Ether!'  In the nearly 59 years he has been alive he has been married twice legally and hand fasted three times in the 'Old Ways'.  He was until, 2009 an active member of a, 'South Wales' coven as well as a member of a, 'Secret Society' of, 'Witches'.
The Master Shaman...
If you love and crave bizarreness, check out, 'The Black Dog Gallery'.  Likewise, Terry Mace has been divorced twice, un-hand-fasted three times and been in relationship at least as far as he can remember so far, 75+ times.
'He has written an anthology of poems about these relationships called, '475 Lovers'
The Black Dog's been homeless, hungry and alone several times, had personal and business assets of over, 1.6 million pounds and has been declared bankrupt twice as a direct result of his incredible successes and failure's, and, he's begged or busked on most of the major, 'City Streets' often literally, 'Singing For His Supper!'  His childhood was spent locked underneath the stairs in abject poverty, abuse and neglect.  Yes!  You did read that right!  'Underneath The Stairs!'  He was born dead!  Really!  'Dead'  And was left for dead, 'Until I Cried'.  He has had in the conservative region of around, '200 Jobs' at least the ones he can remember that are for the sake of this project worth remembering!  And, while some were for less than an hour a day or a single, 'Fully Employed' week, some jobs and careers he had were for years and years and years.  These included several periods of self employment as an elite and exclusive, 'Bespoke Designer', alternative publisher and a fortune 500 executive business and commerce consultant.  As well as working for others in as many diverse capacities such as, an inshore drilling erosion protection irrigation rig, a head dairy farmer in, 'New Zealand' and, a tee shirt kiosk printer in, Brighton while sleeping underneath the now destroyed pier for the summer.  He was also when much younger and fitter a professional mime, puppeteer, acrobat, dancer and actor.  He met, Jim Henson and, his son, Brian Henson on the set of, The Dark Crystal which he auditioned for as, a 'Puppeteer!
Nailed It - Terry Mace 2017.jpg
'Likewise he was a traffic warden, debt collector, postman and an,
ALF' covert operative for many years as well as a, 'Hunt Saboteur'
The Proff was, Working, Volunteering and Campaigning as a professional animal activist, ecologist and oft radical environmentalist and, 'Agent Provocateur' in the late seventies long before, 'Greta Thunberg' was either born or conceived of as a, 'Weapon Of Mass Disruption' to later be released upon an unsuspecting, '21st Century World' of the future who had for, 'Generations' ignored it's children!  Clearly, it would seem now, as, 'The Earth' warms up hotter and hotter each and every year since recorded records first began, at, its own peril.  And yet, 'The Prof' knows that he owes an, 'Apology To Greta' for simply and absurdly, 'Giving Up!' the, 'Never Ending' drama and fight to, 'Save The World', 'Save The Planet', Save Everyone' when he finally realised, that, 'Absolutely Nothing Changes'!  We are, 'Stupid Monkeys'.  However, before he became, cynical, resigned and nihilistic, he was at times an inspiration within the, 'Animal Rights' movement of the late seventies and mid eighties.  The Proff, won the sponsorship and mentoring of, Greggory Sams', inventor, creator and founder of, 'The Real Eat Company, and his now internationally famous creation, 'The VegeBurger' from where all, imitations spawn!  From, Mc Donald's to, the burger van on your street corner on, 'A Friday Night' waiting for punters!  I suspect, 'Greggory Sams' doesn't give a shit!  Greggory, sponsored, Terry Mace's, 'Peddling Puppets', yet another totally simple yet absurd idea! 

For All Those Who Said, 'You Never Did That!' - 'Getty Images', Don't Lie!'

'The Proff, 'Selling Signature Salvation'

45+ years on he now appreciates that this early, 'Angst & Radicalisation' was a very important phase of his early experience of life in a, 'Stone Faced' world which, simply and absurdly is clearly, 'Parasitic In Nature'!  He was once a leading, 'Left Wing' political activist who had the great pleasure on many occasions to meet, talk and discuss world politics with some of the greats of, 'British Left Wing Politics' at that time in the late seventies and mid eighties.  He marched shoulder to should with, Tony Benn, Michael Foot and, 'Once A Dear Friend', Rev Bruce Kent one of the early representative's and leaders of 'CND'.  He also had the very great pleasure of meeting and speaking with, 'Sir David Attenborough' in the late, 70's during a lecture book tour.  Later on, he would share my words.
'He had to be asked to leave after holding up the que speaking with, David for twenty minutes!'
In his childhood and early life he has been hungry for days on end not knowing where his next meal was coming from whilst equally later on in life dining in some of the most prestigious venues in the world from, 'Harrods', The Savoy, The Waldolf Astoria and, The Beverly Hills Hotel.  The Proff sadly now has to deal with several reoccurring, 'Eating Disorders' which he manages, moment by moment the best he can.  He once held several, 'Patents' and, 'Registered Designs' for products and inventions such as, 'The Miracle Mailer' and, 'The Phoenix Five' a multi-five-in-one foldable kite plus, several unique, quirky and original innovations and creations some of which have been featured in, 'Vogue' and the national press, radio and TV networks over a 45 year period.  For anyone interested, there's a, 'Press Kit' with some, 'Rare Archive' material from some of his local and national press, radio and TV coverage.  Sadly, more has been lost than retained.  In simple reality, at least, 50% of what, Terry Mace has done in his life can never be proved!  None the less, 'Less Is More'.  He once owned, £100,000 pounds worth of, 'TLD's' - 'Top Level Domains'.  He was a published, 'Featured Writer' with one of the world’s largest educational publishers, Scholastic for five years.  He has had over, 75+ relationships over a 40+ year period with some lasting no more than a day a week or a month, while one lasted 15 years.  The Proff worked for many, many years as a, 'Last Stop' relationship therapist and coach.
'He's hoping he can beat that old 15 year milestone, 'With Christine' his one true love!'
Two Peas In A Pod...
He was diagnosed with, Salmonellosis, Cryptosporidiosis, Leptospirosis, Listeriosis and Campylobacteriosis concurrently in, Southland, New Zealand in 2001 after collapsing at work as an, 'Assistant Herd Manager' requiring hospitalisation and a six month recovery.  Terry Mace was also diagnosed with, 'Carcinoid Cancer' in, South West Australia in 2003 after getting a, 'Medical Screening Test' for a work visa as a, 'Dry Block' Dairy Herd Manager' after travelling to AU to begin a new life.  He was later diagnosed in, '2011' with, 'Borderline Personality Disorder', 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder', 'Sociopathic Personality Disorder', 'Dissociative Personality Disorder, And, very, very importantly in understanding, 'Who The Fuck Is, Terry Mace', a clear, 50 year too late diagnosis of, Terry's, High Functioning Autism and High Functioning Asperger's after he hospitalised himself in a, 'Psychiatric' Hospital for mental exhaustion after his youngest daughter, Hanna was born.
In January 2017 he suffered several life threatening heart attacks and clinically died several times and had to be resuscitated as he had at that point not signed a, DNR order!  He's currently, 'Still Kicking His Chicken Arse'.  He secretly hopes that someone somewhere will be interested enough in his, 'Life Story' that they will, 'One Day' write a fantastically, simple and absurd, 'Wikipedia Page' about him and that he might actually, become famous when he's dead or before, if possible!  Perhaps, even a film or documentary series?  Professor, Terry Mace has for now been forced to write his own, 'Official And Authorised', Autobiography, 'Circle Of Bones' in the immediate or foreseeable future absence of the miraculous appearance of, 'His Wikipedia Page', film or documentary being created by an interested party with possible, 'Severe Mental Health Issues' similar to his own.  Although, as I've said before, he does really hope and dream of, 'The Latter' coming true.  Hopefully!  Which, is rather strange and worrying as his, 'Core' personal and current world view and overall, 'Life Philosophy' can be best described as, 'Nihilistically Existential.'  He is an avid watcher and regular day-tripping visitor to,
'The Void', 'The Abyss' And, 'The Darkest Side Of The Moon'.
An, 'Open & Closed Invitation' Awaits You!
He is, 'In Essence' now, a man divorced of all and any real or sustainable or meaningful, 'Hope, Faith Or Belief'.  It's actually really tragic and extremely sad, even for him, but that's, Terry Mace's, 'Black Dog Truths'.  In regards to, 'The Creation' of this website and its associated pages, entity's and mazes, he has very little hope, faith or belief in his, 'Autobiographical' project attracting more than a mere handful of interested, 'Returning Visitors' or, that the project will, or could ever be considered finished, complete and done before he expires his, 'Best Before' date.  In fact, that's part of the mystery and intrigue of, Professor Terry Mace and his life and creations here within and without.  Unlike that is, his own life which, will eventually and finally end in, 'His Death!'   And so, after so much, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, perhaps you'd like to, 'Throw A Hand Grenade Into The Madding Crowd' just for fun and to to see what happens.  Alternatively, click, 'The Lemon' icon below to exit and take a breather from this completely absurdly simple, 'Mini Bio' of someone you don't even know and after all said and done, may not now want to know!  In certain circles, 'Throwing A Hand Grenade Into The Crowd' is what's often known as or called, 'Guerrilla Marketing'.  And, if you're the disruptive, rebellious and anarchistic, 'Crazy Mother Fucker' I'm hoping you are, you'll know exactly what to do next!  Alternatively, click that lemon.  'Life is Bitter' so, 'Suck It Up!'  Terry Mace is also a, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, 'Poet & Artist'.  Hand grenade anyone?
'Oh, did I also mention that, Professor, Terry Mace was once, 'Arrested For Murder!'
This Story Will Be Continued In, 'Circle Of Bones' - Professor, Terry Mace's,
The Black Dog Blog & Vlog, Autobiography - Coming Very Soon...
Oh Dolly...

'Hand Grenade Anyone?'

'Hand Grenade Anyone?'