'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know!'

'Welcome to, 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know'

Nearly every single website on the internet today has clearly decided to be, ultra traditional, reliably rigid and square straight in their website design and construction and navigation.  Every day, ugly, 'Menus' and 'Sub-Menus' affront the senses of the unsuspecting visitor!  Horrible, just horrible!  Here, it's different!  Here, we have, streamlined special pages with, special links to click and enjoy!  You'll not catch us creating a bog standard, stupid monkey menu system here!  Here, it's different.  Below you'll see a list of every single song ever placed within the machine for your musical delight and destabilisation.  Every song, has hidden secrets should you care to listen closely and pay attention to the actual, lyrics and words sung.  Listen carefully and learn!


When you click the underscored song title below, you'll be directed and taken to that songs very own, 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About' page.  From these individual page links below you'll be able to find out, 'everything you ever wanted to know' about any song or lyric or music published within, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine'.  If, by chance you can't find out, everything you ever wanted to know, please contact, Professor, Terry Mace personally for the hard facts and, the real stories behind the songs, music and crazy grooves and sounds which make this website unique and original!  Ultimately, everything creative is subjective!  You'll either like it or not.  Some of you will stupidly imagine that you will be able to, 'Like' a part but not another part of the song.  Foolish thinking for sure.

'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About'

'The Chicken Arse Song'


'I Saw A Man'

'I Love You More And More Each Day'

'It Don't Matter'

'Follow Your Bliss'

'Apology To Greta'

'Fuck, I Never Knew That!' - 'The Black Dog Sound Machine'

'Fuck, I Never Knew That!'

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