'Forwards & Backwards!'

'Welcome To, 'Forwards & Backwards'

Terry Mace has been moving forwards and backwards for most of his life.  Even as a child he was moved some, half a dozen times to completely different areas of the UK as well as moving schools about the same.  From 15 years of age onwards until around, 2019 when he moved into, The Black Dog Sound Machine Laboratory', he's pretty much been not only going forwards and backwards but also around and around in circles.  Terry's life has been lived within these two dualities and as such, he has some insider information probably worth knowing if you're sick to death of keep going, 'Forwards & Backwards' in your own pathetic and small life.  In short, Terry Mace has been forward and backwards until very recently in his existence and because of this, he's created this page. Before he dies, he would really like to assist other, 'Black Dogs' to do his best to help them to stop their habitual and, 'Out Of Their Awareness' behaviours so that they really can, finally, 'Move Forward' without taking several steps backwards and then forwards and then backwards and then, really!


Therefore, he has decided to try to help, even, just a little!  This page, 'Forwards & Backwards' has been created to give other, 'Black Dogs' an, 'Educational & Informative' platform from which to grow themselves, as real, 'Human Beings'.  Below you'll find a varied selection of, 'Absurd' and 'Simple' educational resources, training, courses and workshops conducted by or with, Professor, Terry Mace.  Occasionally, he will host another teachers work and may from time to time, share his own, 'Personal' saves from the internet and global archives.  Most, are unique in that they have never ever been made public before and have remained within, 'The Black Dog Vaults' for many, many years!  And, exactly because of that time lag between, 'Concept, Creation & Release' you may need to get your head around the simple and absurd fact that, Terry is speaking as several different, Terry's!  For example, the resources may be from, Terry the therapist, the shaman, the teacher, the poet, the singer songwriter or, in fact, any number of other, Terry's he's worked with!

'I'm Tired, I Think I'll Go Home Now!' - 'The Black Dog Sound Machine'

'To Assist, Support, Help & Educate, These Video's Below Might Be Good To Watch!'

'It's Not About Angels!'

'This Page Will Be Updated With More Informative, Black Dog Video's Soon!'

'Skin + Water + Imagination'

'When You Live Your Life Like It's All Made Up, You Follow Your Bliss!'


A Quote From, 'Black Dog Truths' by, Professor, Terry Mace

Terry Mace Will Be Updating This Page With His Own Work With Going,

'Forwards & Backwards' As Soon As Possible So Please Return!