'Free Fucking Speech!'

'Welcome To, Free Fucking Speech'

Click Play Above, Turn Up The Volume, Kick Back And Really Enjoy,

'The End Of Free Fucking Speech' If You Allow It To Be Stolen'

'Free Speech Union Member' - 'The Black Dog Sound Machine'

'The Black Dog Sound Machine' Is A 'Full' Member Of, 'The Free Speech Union'

If You Fuck With, 'The Machine', 'The Machine' & 'The FSU' Will Fuck With You!

Terry Mace.jpg

This Picture Was Banned On Several Internet Sites Repeatedly!

Why?  Because Bullies Complained That It Was, 'Religious Sacrilege!'

'Defend Your Right To, 'Sit On Your Own Parent's Grave & Smoke A Joint!'

'The Dead Do Email!' - 'The Black Dog Sound Machine'

'Terry Mace Was The Youngest Person At Just,

17 To Sit In A NFSU Psychic Development Circle'

'Free To Disagree' - 'The Black Dog Sound Machine'

Terry Mace Will Be Updating This Page With His Own Work On,

'Free Fucking Speech' As Soon As Possible So Please Return!