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Professor, Terry Mace knows only too well himself that, 'Homelessness, is not just a physical body issue such as where to place ourselves physically within a safe environment, but, it's also, a mental, psychological and emotional health issue of such vast magnitude and importance, that unless, we really begin in earnest, authenticity and with integrity to treat the real problems of being, 'Home-Less' from the, pavement up, instead, of from the food bank and homeless shelter down, we will never truly understand or appreciate the real challenges that a home-less individual goes through!  Terry Mace understands that, the issues are very complex to un-fuck, however, it has to be done!  Those who can make a difference need to know that being, home-less is, 'Existential!'

Terry Mace has been hungry, home-less and without safe shelter many, many times over the course of his life from being made homeless at just, 11 years of age and then again at, 12 and then again at 15 years of age, to finding himself homeless as recently as just, several years ago in his fifties.  It was during these extended 15+ periods of, home-less-ness that, Terry Mace decided to work with both his own inner demons, contaminated past and so many, many fuck-ups, to enable himself to learn to actively, grow, evolve and, ultimately change his, home-less situation by making better choices and decisions not based solely on, his past lives, behaviours and journey before as a child.  It took great courage, commitment and guts.  He knows his home-less-ness is, existential!

'To Assist, Support, Help & Educate, These Video's Below Might Be Good To Watch!'

'It's Not About Golf!'

'Homelessness Is, Existential, Therefore, Homelessness Requires An Existential Intervention!'

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'In Search Of Eden' - 'The Black Dog Sound Machine'

'We Have Become Progressively More Disconnected From Ourselves As Part Of Nature,

Year In And Year Out!  In Effect, We Have, Thus, Become Disconnected From Ourselves!

There Has Never Been A Time More Important Than Now For Us As A Whole Humanity,

To Learn How To, Reconnect With Ourselves Again, And Then, With Others Before We Die!'

A Quote From, 'Black Dog Truths' By, Professor, Terry Mace

Terry Mace Will Be Updating This Page With His Own Work With,

'Homelessness' As Soon As Possible So Please Return!