'The Writing On The Wall'

'Welcome To, The Writing On The Wall'

Welcome to, 'The Abyss'.  Terry Mace's, 'Autobiographical' website project is raw, unfinished, unclean and unhealthy for most common diets!  However, if you've got the stomach to take a bite of, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine' in, 2021, be Terry's guest!  The, 'SEO' is fucked up, as, are you!  But, be warned in advance!  This is, 'An Experiment!'  As such, you are in many ways as a, 'Visitor' here, involved in the experiment and are potentially, little more than, 'Digital Lab Rats'.  If that bothers you, so what?  Do you really think, 'Fuck Book' is anything more or less than a, 'Mass Psychological Experiment?'  I am, however, unlike all social media platforms and most websites, not interested in, 'Data Mining' or 'Stealing Your Privacy'.  What Terry Mace is interested in is simple!  'Do You Get It!'  'Answers On A Postcard!'  Now, most common to do websites, blogs and such like nearly always have some form or type of, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, 'About What' exactly page or section.























Normally, this is where the new visitor, traveller or serendipist goes to find out what that particular online presence might look like.  Often, they will take a quick look at this style of, 'About What Exactly' page or section before they even consider further investigation inwards.  However, as you read briefly and at the moment, reductive information about, Terry Mace's life as his project unfolds, you will certainly as most have to date, consider, Terry Mace to be both a, BIG liar and grandiosely delusional!  Whilst of course, this is true, as, Terry Mace is also telling, 'His Black Dog Truths' and, 'His Black Dog Lies', everything, and I do mean everything, that will be shared within these pages actually happened in, Terry Mace's life just as it's recorded here!  Or, thereabouts, give or take!  Yes, crucial and important evidence, validation and proof is currently missing for about 50% of his life.  However, if you really want to help, Terry Mace in his quest to share his unique life story here online as authentically as possible with lots of, 'Artist Licence', then, visit the, 'I'd Like To Be Terry Mace's Archivist' and find out how you can help, Professor, Terry Mace find his missing past!  So much will still survive somewhere, be it online, press agencies, media archives, TV and radio archives.  Much, will have been kept longer if it has been digitalised.  But, whatever is left to find, at least some of his past escapades and adventures that were and have been covered nationally and globally will hopefully be in someone's frame of reference.  And, if you do help, assist and support, Terry Mace to find those missing links in his past, he will personally, write, arrange and record a song just especially for you!  Imagine that?







However, if you're a, 'Doubting Thomas', looking for a, 'Witch Hunt' or, simply adore proving someone wrong, fraudulent and a liar, knock yourself out!  Fear of the unknown and fear of a, BIGGER life than themselves, is, of course, to be expected from, 'Stupid Monkeys' with very small lives and small brains to boot.  And, in some ways it's understood by, Terry Mace that anyone so small minded to not understand the, 'BIG Life' of, Terry Mace instead preferring to see, 'BIG Lies' will simply not be able to even accept such a story no matter how or who was telling it!  Well, the Proff can do absolutely nothing about that fact and nor does he consider it worth his precious time and limited energy to do so in either conflict or challenge!  In short, believe what you want!  If you are looking for proof, evidence or validation of, Terry Mace's life, there's at least 50% offered here within the many pages of, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine'.  Equally, at the moment, about 50% can not be proved, evidenced or substantiated in any way or form!  Hopefully, that will change if you are interested!  However, many of those who could have shared the truth about, Terry Mace are dead, MIA, AWOL, or simply off the radar and do not want to speak of those times!  Many, suspect I died long ago!  Or, they stupidly and naively hope that I won't mention them, 'By Name' in my, 'Memoir' and so have not responded to my requests for their participation in my, 'Autobiographical' project here online for all to see!  Only time will tell if, Terry Mace will use real or imagined names as this project develops, evolves and unfolds.  Perhaps, it's time to open up, 'That Can Of Worms!'













So, who or what lies behind the dark web curtain pulling the heart and mind strings of your normally, 'very small' pea sized brain and its goldfish like four second attention span?  Who the fuck is, Terry Mace?  'Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye'.  The 'Average Human Doing' uses just 10% of its cognitive ability!  'A Fish', is basically more intelligent, conscious and aware than most of you alive!  Is it any wonder then, that this, 'Autobiography' of, Professor, Terry Mace will seem almost impossible, for most of you to grasp!  Sad!  So very sad.  You could have learnt so much, grown so much, lived so much!  And now, you're just going to die without ever truly living!  Sad!

'Be Like, Forrest Gump & Terry Mace, Stop Running & Go Home'

'Terry Mace, Will Write A Song Just For You If You Become An, Archivist Volunteer!'

Worm Holes Fund!

Candy Worm Fund!

Most people, truth be told, just simply want a, 'sound bite, a quick fix or a rush'.  They want 'internet porn star' mind and 'heart sex' without the commitment or consequences for their actions.  'This Ride Is Slower', more twisting and turning and thoughtfully considered.  Less than, 1% of you will even get this far!  Terry Mace has no expectations of you at all.  And, that's why global billionaire owned social media platforms can continue to enslave you and feed you regurgitated madness and nonsense.  Because, you are more stupid than a fish!  And, that's exactly why you will not and never will find, Terry Mace and, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine' licking the arse of any and all social media platforms whose only primary aim is to serve itself, its investors and its owners and, not us as, 'Human Beings' equally and with the same respect!  However, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine' is, 'Not Blind' to the power of, 'Social Media'.  The Proff has many candy delights on his, 'Social Bar' below.

'The Black Dog Sound Machine', therefore, has a, 'Face Book', 'Instagram', 'Pinterest' and, 'Twitter' social media account.  Which, I guess is tough shit for those, 'Social Media' platforms as, Terry Mace aims to, 'Actively Disrupt', and, 'Infect', 'The Zombies' who copy and past, regurgitated, copied and pasted 'mind shit' over and over again!  And then, that's copied!  'The Black Dog Sound Machine' can also be discovered at, 'Band Camp', 'Sound Cloud', 'Vimeo', 'Spreaker' and 'YouTube'!  But, whilst, Terry Mace knows you're addicted to, 'Social Media' my question is, why come here looking for your sweeties and your candy man?  If you buy, you better beware, remember, here, it's simply, 'Caveat Emptor'!  So, perhaps, 'Your Addiction' is really the best place to start!  Ask yourself reflectively, 'Why Am I Here And How Did I Get Here?'  Were you asleep?  Were you awake?  Dead perhaps?  Did you simply, 'Snoopgle', Black Dogs?  'Black Dog Puppies' perhaps?  Perhaps, someone who really doesn't like you very much gave you this website address?  Fools!

However, does it in fact, even matter how you got here, why you're here or even if you are actually here!?  Because, if, and I do say 'IF', you can be in anyway bothered to discover and uncover what, Terry Mace's autobiographical site is truly all about and who is, actually behind the two way, 'Alice In Wonderland' looking glass, you'll simply have to make a choice between, 'Simplicity & Absurdity' all by your lonesome.  Along the way, you'll discover, 'Rule No 2', which is that everything underscored, highlighted, or which otherwise activates when you hover over it, is, 'Simply Clickable'.  Some things you click currently will go where you expect!  Other's will not.  'Some Do Nothing' yet!  Terry Mace is not going to be rushing this crazy creation so don't expect, 'Instant' changes overnight!  Which, if I'm right, won't be a problem for most of you because you're so heavily addicted to viewing online content, being led astray, loosing days on end in cyber space and filling your brain and diluted mind with sterile shit that cannot and will never truly make you happy, at, peace, or, 'In Bliss' that a little delay in 'full' service won't even be missed by you as you go from page to page and back again.  Like a digital laboratory rat in an electrified crystal internet mind maze.  Yeah man, cool!  Terry Mace is cool!  Yeah!


Be Honest with yourself!  There's already a part of you aching and itching to click, click, click, clack, click, click, click!


'And that's, the biggest conundrum and paradigm of them all.

The fact, that you will simply and absurdly not be able to walk away from this site

until you know more because you know you know so little about anything real, alive or dead!'

'You Are In Fact, 'Hollow'
























So, what exactly will you discover inside the head of the machine?  After all, Terry Mace is a rather complex human being and is respectfully, rather eccentric and mad!  However, before you step inside his headspace, we here at, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine' would like to invite you to now take a look at, 'The Writing On The Can!'  Like this, you'll have some idea of just what you might be letting yourself into by making that choice between, 'Simplicity & Absurdity'.  'After All Said And Done', when you go into the supermarket to buy something you've never purchased before, it's perfectly normal and even a little bit, 'Sane' to take at least a quick look at exactly what the ingredient's are within.  Otherwise, Professor, Terry Mace knows that you may be opening, 'A Can Of Worms'.  Alternatively, you can, simply, 'click' here to sign a 'mental health harm' waiver form so that we can't be held responsible for, 'Fucking You Up!'.  Terry Mace has helped to fuck up enough people for one lifetime so please, sign the form or, take a walk on the dark side.  Torches, optional!  Then, as you enter the machine, you can do as you please here within without, Terry Mace's concern, interest or worry.  Or not!  Remember, no pain, no gain!  And there's the rub!  Are you in enough pain?  Real gut wrenching pain, anguish and heartache?


Terry Mace, cannot answer that question, however, he may have some answers!  Only your courage or fear will decide.  Are you ready to evolve into a, cleaver monkey or, are you perfectly happy sitting in the tree being a, stupid monkey?  Ask yourself, who the fuck are you?  After all, you're all grown up, aren't you?  You're surely still not, 'A Child' are you?  You're not a little, 'Panic Pussy' are you.  A 'Yellow Belly' perhaps?  Maybe, you're a, 'Chicken Arsed Elephant'?  No?  Maybe?  Really?  Take a break, kick back, listen to the soothing sounds of...

Terry Mace Shaman...
'Hand Grenade Anyone...'
Chicken Arsed ElephantTerry Mace & Gavin Troon

Click Play, Up The Volume, Kick Back And Enjoy Being,

'A Chicken Arse' In Front of Your, 24ft x 24ft Computer Screen,

'Laying An Egg And Making A Little Nest!' 

Or, maybe you're not, 'A Chicken Arse, that's terrified and frightened by it's own insignificant little shadow cast by an enormous, 'Yellow Egg Sun'.  That's what I thought!  So, it's probably, 'For The Best' if you are any of the before mentioned to take a look at what's really inside, 'The Can'.  And, even though, Terry Mace appreciates it's really hard for you, have a go at least once in your life to be a, 'Cleaver Monkey' please try.  Now, because of our love here at, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine' for all things, 'mentally' tasty and cognitively delicious, here's a comprehensive but not exhaustive, 'mental health safety' list of potential hazards, threats, dangers and triggers that you might encounter within this portal into another dimension of reality and consciousness.  Mmmm!  No shit!  Professor, Terry Mace wishes you luck and best wishes into his life and beckons you to enter when ready...

But, always remember,

'When Your Back's Against The Wall,

Turnaround, Write On It.

And Then, Run Like Fuck!'


From - 'Simplicity & Absurdity' - The Black Dog Podcasting Show - With, Your Host, Professor, Terry Mace - 2021

The Writing on the Can...