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Everybody, and, I do mean everybody, has some form of concept, construct, idea and viewpoint of what it is that moving or repositioning ourselves directionally, onwards or upwards looks like!  But, what if your and other's thinking is just simply, wrong, misinformed, stupid and child like in its process?  What if, moving onwards and upwards has nothing to do with a physical or directional shift of body position!  For example, has someone really moved, onwards and upwards if they simply move from one physical position to another?  What, if in fact, moving onwards and upwards is not connected to the physical body or a specific geographical location point at all!  What if, it's all in your mind?  Professor, Terry Mace has been considering the situation of these two conceptual and constructed ideas for a very, very long time.  Here's what he's discovered!


'Firstly, 99.99% of humanity is stupid!  And, stupid does what stupid did!'


Simply put, the earth is vastly over populated with idiots, fools and stupid monkeys who know and believe nothing more then their, slave masters have told them.  And, as these global slave masters are openly and actively lying, deceiving and betraying daily those who have willingly given their lives to the, 'Slave Machine', why do the mind slaves continue to work, grind and toil for them?  It's sadly all so very simple!  Those hypnotised by the slave masters simply have been bred to be, slaves in a slave hive mind and they have never been able to see the truth, reality and facts of their situation.  In short, these stupid 'Clone Slaves' do not have the intellect, intelligence or cognitive abilities to consider, new ideas, concepts and thinking that does not conform to a, standard, accepted and widely held viewpoint and frame of reference of their, slave masters and society.

'All one needs to do is stop and look around themselves to understand the problem.'


For example, paying someone more money and giving them a, new position from which to toil and slave is mostly, 99.99% acceptable to the slave minded moron!  Likewise, relocating, restarting and beginning afresh somewhere located and positioned geographically different than the idiots current localised physical positioning is considered an act of, moving, onwards and upwards.  An, advancement, a promotion, a change of position!  If only humanity was not stupid, the slave minded morons and idiots might actually, wake up.  But, that's not what the slave masters and the global slave machine desire, want or can allow.  Can you imagine a, 'Conscious Workforce?'  Sadly, it does not bode well for humanities overall chances of survival or sustainability of itself as a, parasitic organism on planet earth.  Nature, is certainly laughing at humanities madness!

'And so, what's the final solution, what's the real answer, and how,

do we become, un-enslaved, free and liberated as human beings not, human doings?'

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'Once We Understand, It's All In Our Heads, We Are Free To Choose The Life We Want!'

'When We Allow Ourselves To, Break Down, We Also Allow Ourselves To, Break Through!'

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'Suicide Is Always An Option!'

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