'The Black Dog Puppies!'

'Welcome to, 'The Black Dog Puppies'

Most websites have, 'Menus'!  Here, it's different!  Here, we have, 'Black Dog Puppies!'  So, what exactly is, a black dog puppy and where can you find one on this website to take home and cuddle and love and make a, 'Domesticated Slave' of to your own selfish and greedy human being needs!  Well, the good news for, the black dog puppies, is, that you can't abuse them offline!  This, website is the only place you'll be able to 100% interact with any, black dog puppy.  Sure, you'll find little, black dog puppy poos all over the internet but, you'll never find the whole puppy anywhere but here!  If you found a, black dog puppy poo somewhere on the internet, please keep hold of it, we really don't need it!

'What The Fuck Is A, Black Dog Puppy?


If I'm totally honest, authentic and integral, I'm still trying to work that out myself!  However, below is the current list of available, black dog puppies for you to interact with.  It's very simple!  Click the underscored link on whatever, black dog puppy you would like to hold briefly and connect with from the list below.  Then, slowly, connect with your, black dog puppy here online for as long as you like.  But, please be careful!  These, black dog puppies are neither house trained or socially adapted for normal human being interaction.  In simple terms, the black dog puppies here are rather, rabid, diseased, dangerous and often without warning, can bite and tear at exposed flesh!  Other than this, enjoy cuddling!

'The Black Dog Puppies'

'The Black Dog Sound Machine Band'

'The Black Dog Creative Collective'

'The Black Dog Digital Magazine'

'The Black Dog Sound Laboratory'

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'Shit In, Shit Out!' - 'The Black Dog Sound Machine'

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