'The Chicken Arse Song'

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Chicken Arse Running...
Chicken Arse - Original - Version - With +4 GainTerry Mace & Gavin Troon
Chicken Arse - Original Live Mix - With ReverbTerry Mace & Gavin Troon
Chicken Arse - 666 - Version - Slow MixTerry Mace & Gavin Troon
Chicken Arse - 3 Drums - Version - 10% Tempo IncreaseTerry Mace & Gavin Troon
Chicken Arse - Single Drum - Version - 10% Tempo IncreaseTerry Mace & Gavin Troon

'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About, The Chicken Arse Song'

But Were Too, 'Chicken Arse' to Ask...

'Our Second Demo Version' - July 2019

The Audio Recorded on, Gav's, Samsung Mobile Phone was, 'Extracted' to use in all and every 'Mix' and, 'Version' of, 'The Chicken Arse Song' that you can listen to above.  Because of the superb audio quality of, Gav's, Samsung mobile phone, we've been able to use the audio from each demo or live recording for many, many songs that you'll slowly discover here within, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine' from, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine Band'.  I later on decided to upgrade my own phone to a, 'Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus' because of its outstanding audio recording quality and twin stereo speaker playback output.  My brother, 'Mark Mace' has the upgrade from the, S10 to the, S20 and he's found the quality for his, 'video' documentary's amazing!  I'll be, 'Regularly Featuring' some of the creative work that has been captured since my own phone upgrade here, within, 'The Machine' as time goes on.

'Our First Demo Version' - July 2019

However, the audio recorded on, Gav's, Samsung mobile phone for the, 'first' ever demo of, 'The Chicken Arse Song' has never been, 'Extracted' to use in any 'Mix' or, 'Version' currently to date!  You'll understand why when you listen!  But, perhaps, it's time to do another version using some of this demo and some of second demo?  I'd love to use the, 'Clucking' that, Gav does on the end of the, second demo.  Equally, Gav's improvisations on the, Guitar are sadly not there on any mix or version so far played with in, 'Audacity'.  Maybe, we will re-create the original again in, 'The Black Dog Sound Laboratory' but only time will tell!  For now, you can, 'download' your 'very own' copy of, 'The Chicken Arse Song' for, FREE from, our, Band Camp page or on our, Soundcloud page!  Alternatively, you can, 'Cluck' on the, 'EP' Release image below to get, 'half a dozen'!  The choice, is yours to delight in.  Enjoy!


P.S.  If you fancy the, 'EP' Complete Set, it's by a, 'Donation' of your choosing!  And, if you want it, 'For Nothing' you've got that option as well!  Every song that is released by, 'The Black Dog Sound Machine Band' will have it's very own, 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About', page just like this one.  As, 'The Machine' turns daily, things will get much clearer...

'Chicken Arse Party...'

Click The Chick, Chick, Chicken To Download...

For Example, today, the 7th of January 2021, Christine my partner asked me to explain to her the lyrics of, The Chicken Arse song and what they meant.  A reasonable request!  Two hours later, I realised that, I'd only really thought about it when, Christine had asked me.  At least consciously when asked to discuss!  Subconsciously, shit was, I discovered going on below the surface of the catchy melodies, verses, chorus and hook!  So, here's what I told her.  The song, in my opinion can be listened to very, simply as a, 'comedic, funny and humorous' silly little thing of a tune or, you can look under the wings, open up the beak and climb inside!  She wanted to climb inside the chicken arse, hence the two hour explanation that ensued!  Finally, I worked it out.  Because, Christine is extremely interested as am I in linguistics and the constructions of language, I decided to use these tools plus some creative licence with the harder bits.  Neither of us had another two hours to give!  This is the rub!

'The Chicken Arse' Song is about, absolutely nothing at all that matters, will ever matter or could have ever mattered!  Sorry, but that's the simple truth.  However, the absurd lie is that's not true at all!  You see, 'I Gave It Meaning' when, Christine asked me to discuss the song in greater depth.  Thus, afterwards, she began to give it meaning.  And of course, that type of, understanding spreads like a virus.  No one questions, no one says, 'what if it doesn't mean anything, nothing at all?  She did ask me if this was another one of my many, 'Irreverent' penning's or if there was a deeper meaning.  But here's the second rub.  What, if it's just an absurd and yet oh so simple experiment in simplicity.  And yet, you're still here, waiting for me to share with you my opinion.  So I will.  I've met a lot of, chicken arses and a lot of turkey jerkers, sometimes they kicked my arse and sometimes I've kicked theirs!  Sometimes, the family's got involved in the kicking and sometimes, it was me kicking my own, chicken arse.


Now, lots of men, jerk off, are very much a, jerk and sometimes, without meaning to, jerk, like a little bitch!  But, not many folk know that you can in fact, 'Jerk Your Turkey!'  However, that's another story!  Over the next few days I'll be updating this page further with, 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About, The Chicken Arse Song' but were simply too afraid to ask!


Coming again very, very soon...